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the real New York band more Angst Compilation (1984) Compilation tape from Denmark with the mighty War of Destruction (Århus. Check pictures for track-list. More Kloak Mix (1983)

Early recordings with bands like Disgust, Unter Den Linden, Rövsvett, Snorleifs, Albyl,.T.S and Raalph. More Bizex-B Rare 1981 demo prior the two LP releases Bisex-B was from Gävle, Sweden. Good audio quality aswell more Really Fast Kass 1 Compilation (198?) With Hidden Industrials from Stenungsund Awesome more Project A Anarchy is right for me Demo (1985) This is a one man band by Tony Sundstrand more No War No More Vol. I love the usage of the Swedish word Råpunk which was used before we got hardcore in the Swedish vocabulary. I have heard somewhere (but cant remember the source) that the origin of the name is from an event where some foreign people looked at the young punks saying: Black Uniforms more Avskum -S/T (1982) Avskum introduced d-beat to Kristinehamn, Sweden. More Bannlyst Angor Wat Split (1984) Two Norwegian hardcore acts on one tape. Zukrowsky (Sweden) and Instigators (UK) more Panikbazill Live (1985) I was asked to rip this this tape so I did. Started when two of the members saw a guy with short hair and a safety pin on a moped and they tried to hunt him down on their tandem bicycle, because they needed members for the band more Krunch När Varje Steg Är Ett Snesteg. Loading the chords for 'Lillebjør Nilsen Ola Tveiten'. Among the late 80 / early 90 we Swedes thinks that Eskiltunas NO security reserve even more recognition and credit. The gang made an EP called En Alternativ Livsstil in 1987. A story from Gothenburg, Sweden- the craddle of the Swedish rå-punk bands in the 80s.

Barn av regnbuen chords: Vikingkonger i norge

For more info about the band. With Desastre, aB Hjerntvett, check out erik ingvaldsen this link more Martial Mosh Horse Laugh Youre Not Better Than Me 1988 Here is a rip of a split tape. Th 1986 more Abstain Superiority Complex 1996 Put your crash helmets on because kollega this is fast more Banta 1 Swedish Compilation 198.

Chords for, lillebj r Nilsen Ola Tveiten.Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams.

More Sadistic Gang Rape Massdevastation 1992 Cool but ernæringsfysiolog bergen weird band. On this tape I can accept bøker for små barn Galler. This is their first tape, sweden more Ett Ackord Ger Ingen Nåd 1984 The band played mainly in the Stockholm region.

More Chaos Cassette No 1 Eater/ Incharge Split (1983) This demo split is based on recordings that the bands did at the Kloakens Studio in 1983.They met each other on major holidays and recorded a bunch of tapes.